Highly potential rental investment opportunities in Europe

Teddi analyses in details the data from the real estate market and uncovers products of high rentability.

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Don't miss out on rental investments with high rentability

In France, in Portugal or Italy, there are investment opportunities.
Teddi uncovers them for you.

Lisbon, Portugal São João da Talha 9:4 1 GROSS RETURN 9,4% RENT 700€ AREA 78m² BUDGET 87.000€ STATUS Rented FISCAL IMI Lyon, France 2nd arondissement 9:4 1 GROSS RETURN 8,2% RENT 500€ AREA 24m² BUDGET 73.000€ STATUS Rented FISCAL LMNP a

Algorithms and Data

Teddi analyses so many real estate ads every day that he can sort out the best opportunities, according to more than thirty criteria.

Take advantage of low interest rates before it's too late

Real estate investment is the purchase of a future income stream from property and can offer several advantages over other types of investments, including potentially higher returns, stability, inflation hedging and diversification.

Step by step fiscal and tax documentation

Whether it's in France or abroad, investments are successfull when tax legislation is mastered.

Testimonials from our first beta-testers


I'll recommend Teddi around me.


They found a golden rental opportunity in which I invested on my side.


They managed to do complete and personalised support for my first invesment in Portugal.


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  • Best investment opportunities in Europe
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  • Why invest in real estate ?

    Real estate is a distinct asset class that is simple to understand and can enhance the risk and return profile of an investor's portfolio. On its own, real estate offers competitive risk-adjusted returns, with less principal-agent conflict and attractive income streams.

  • Should I only invest in properties close to my home ?

    While most investors start out investing locally, a lot of them grow their portfolio by investing in long-distance real estate. The reason : for those who live in an area with little growth potential, or for those who live in a high-priced area, investing in a different city might be a great option.

  • Why considering investing overseas ?

    Without geographical restrictions, you’ll be able to have access to more products of high rentability. Why should you not consider them ? While the property manager and communication aspects can be obstacles, Teddi can provide viable solutions to both.

  • What are the risks of rental investment property ?

    A tenant can walk away or decide to stop paying. That is why unpaid rent insurance were created. And if you buy the right house in the right location, you can make a better return compared to bonds or other asset classes — and people today are doing just that. Why won't you ?